Aug 15
11:23 AM

Larry Tribe On Executive Signing Statements

ACSBlog has posted Professor Tribe’s thoughts on the ABA Signing Statement Report — 

"Laurence H. Tribe is the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at Harvard University …My starting point — and it is one I share with what I take to be the views of the ABA panel on signing statements — is alarm at the unprecedented frequency with which the incumbent President has signed congressional enactments into law — including enactments that seem to me entirely constitutional exercises of Congress’s power to structure the executive branch; regulate that branch’s military and civilian investigations, prosecutions, or detentions; or engage in one of Congress’s other undoubted heads of lawmaking authority — while brazenly signaling his position and that of his administration that giving those enactments their intended effect would cut impermissibly into his breathtakingly inflated conception of illimitable presidential power and prerogative…"

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