May 16
12:58 PM
May 16
11:02 AM

[b]Law[g] Review Article

Daniel Solove’s PrafsBlawg post, The MultiState Bar Exam as a Theory of Law, is available at SSRN – The article (4 pages short) will appear in 104 Michigan Law Review at 1403, the book review issue (according to Orin Kerr, it may be the first blog post to become a law review article [OrinKerr]).  Solove explains his inspiration:

"Each year, thousands of lawyers-to-be ponder over it, learning its profound teachings on the meaning of the law. They study it for months, devoting more time to it than practically any other jurisprudential text. It therefore comes as a great surprise that such a widely read and studied work has barely received scholarly attention. . . . It is time to rectify this situation and put the Bar Exam in its place as the great work of jurisprudence that it is."

May 15
12:44 PM


Scan This Book! (Kevin Kelly, The New York Times Magazine (May 14, 2006), pp. 42-49, 64, 71 in the print version): 

"Technology accelerates the migration of all we know into the universal form of digital bits. Nikon will soon quit making film cameras for consumers, and Minolta already has: better think digital photos from now on. Nearly 100 percent of all contemporary recorded music has already been digitized, much of it by fans. About one-tenth of the 500,000 or so movies listed on the Internet Movie Database are now digitized on DVD. But because of copyright issues and the physical fact of the need to turn pages, the digitization of books has proceeded at a relative crawl. At most, one book in 20 has moved from analog to digital. So far, the universal library is a library without many books.  But that is changing very fast…"

May 12
9:20 AM

Voting Machines Vulnerable

Rigging elections hi-tech style?  Ian Hoffman, "New security glitch found in Diebold system Officials say machines have ‘dangerous’ holes," (May 11, 2006):  "Armed with a little basic knowledge of Diebold voting systems and a standard component available at any computer store, someone with a minute or two of access to a Diebold touch screen could load virtually any software into the machine and disable it, redistribute votes or alter its performance in myriad ways." (Tip via 

May 12
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May 10
10:31 AM


The Research Libraries Group has posted a convenient FAQ site on the proposed merger with OCLC. (Tip Stamper).  lrc-orbit blogged about the merger proposal a bit earlier, but as more info trickles out, we will continue to keep you up to date.  One spicy matter is apparently answered here — the post-merger naming:

What will the combined organization be called?
If the proposal is approved, the company name will remain OCLC Online Computer Library Center. A new unit, named RLG-Programs, would be established in the OCLC Programs and Research Division of OCLC.

(Not terribly exciting or creative and, by the way, OCLCRLG creates zero anagrams — that’s product branding for you)

May 8
9:51 AM

Trademark – Apple

"Apple Computer Inc. is entitled to use the apple logo on its iTunes Music Store, a [BRITISH] judge ruled Monday, rejecting a suit filed by Apple Corps Ltd., the guardian of The Beatles‘ commercial interests."  The Apple Trademark decision is available online from Her Majesty’s Court Service (HMCS):

Date Court Claimaint/Appellant Respondent Judge
08/05/2006 Chancery Division APPLE COMPUTER, INC The Honourable Mr Justice Mann

Neutral Citation Number: [2006] EWHC 996 (Ch)

Case No: HC03C02428



Royal Courts of Justice

Strand, London, WC2A 2LL

Date: 08/05/2006

May 5
10:34 AM
May 5
9:24 AM

No longer available on Lexis – ALM

Westlaw gets exlusive access rights to key American Lawyer Media (ALM) publications:  "Specific material offered exclusively on Westlaw includes the full content of ALM magazines, state and national newspapers, including The American Lawyer®, The National Law Journal®, Corporate Counsel®, New York Law Journal® and Legal Times®, as well as all newsletters, jury verdict and expert witness databases, books and case collections, ALM directories, and settlement data and publications."

May 4
11:34 AM

FCC & NET-Wiretapping Taxes

"The FCC voted unanimously to levy what likely will amount to wiretapping taxes on companies, municipalities and universities…"  Declan McCullagh, "FCC Approves Net-wiretapping taxes," C|net (May 03, 2006). The FCC News Release is available online:  FCC ADOPTS ORDER TO ENABLE LAW ENFORCEMENT TO ACCESS CERTAIN BROADBAND AND VoIP PROVIDERS.  Based on estimates by the American Council of Education, the FCC order could cost IT departments as much as $450 a student.