Meet the Spring 2016 Law Clerks!


(From left to right: Andrew Ejanda, Alicia Belock and Natalie Rodriguez.)

Join us in welcoming this semester’s law clerks, Andrew Ejanda, Alicia Belock, Natalie Rodriguez and Jennifer Moore (not pictured). Read on for more information about each of our clerks.

Andrew Ejanda
Andrew is an attorney as well as the law clerk for the Immigration Clinic.

“Being a law clerk for the Legal Clinics has been an invaluable experience. It’s provided me a low-pressure environment to learn about immigration law and get exposed to other areas. With this knowledge, I have more confidence to start exploring more types of cases in my own solo practice. As a solo practitioner, it is such an asset to be able to ask for opinions or bounce ideas off of the Professors and staff who have been involved in law for many years.”

Alicia Belock
Alicia, now an attorney at Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann in Carmel Valley, served as the law clerk for the Education & Disability Clinic until February.

“Being a law clerk has been a great way to experience working closely with my supervising attorney, and being involved with different aspects of her practice has given me an inside look at how to approach my own career. I have also enjoyed being a resource for the legal interns, and it has been good experience to continuously have an overview of the progress of all the clinic’s cases.”

Jennifer Moore (not pictured)
Jennifer took over when Alicia left for her new job, and has been the law clerk for the Education & Disability Clinic since February.

“I sincerely enjoy my work as the Education and Disability Clinic law clerk at the USD Legal Clinics. Not only is the work richly rewarding, but I am cultivating valuable legal skills that cannot be learned in the classroom, such as negotiation, legal analysis and strategy. Each day, I feel I am refining my practice of law and building a positive foundation for a successful future career.”

Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie is an attorney and the law clerk for the Federal Tax Clinic. Natalie also earned her LLM in Tax from USD’s School of Law.

“As the law clerk for the Federal Tax Clinic, I am gaining valuable experience in the field of tax controversy. The skills and techniques I am learning here will easily translate to my future career at a law firm. I am also learning how to manage others and juggle a large caseload, while absorbing as much knowledge as I can from my supervising attorney, a specialist in tax law.”

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