Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic Launches Joint Partnership with USD School of Business

USD Legal Clinics is excited to announce a new joint partnership between the Entrepreneurship Clinic and USD’s School of Business. Through this new collaboration, the clinic provides transactional legal services needed by undergraduate and graduate student entrepreneurs, including structuring the business entity, compliance with financing regulations, drafting investment and employment agreements, and strategies for protection of intellectual property.

“When I was a student at USD School of Law, the offerings for a prospective corporate attorney were relatively slim, and the focus, as with most law schools, was squarely on litigation,” says Adjunct Professor and Entrepreneurship Clinic Supervising Attorney, Sebastian Lucier. “Today, the USD School of Law has a robust offering of classes for those focused on corporate transactional work, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and venture capital financing. The evolution of the Entrepreneurship Clinic reflects this shift in philosophy and provides law students with exposure to the world of corporate transactional work. Through these services we strive every day to build solutions and reach agreements that allow businesses to attract capital, retain talent and achieve the dreams of their founders. Whereas the Entrepreneurship Clinic was once focused on solving short term problems, the new model seeks to build a foundation for success and allow new entrepreneurs to avoid common mistakes before they are made.”

Watch our video below for an overview of the Entrepreneurship Clinic’s services through this new partnership, as well as eligible clients and benefits to the USD and greater San Diego communities.


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