Meet the Fall 2015 Law Clerks!


(From left to right) Rebecca Epsten, Andrew Ejanda and Alicia Belock.

Join us in welcoming this semester’s law clerks, Alicia Belock, Andrew Ejanda, and Rebecca Epsten. Read on for more information about each of our clerks.

Alicia Belock
Alicia is the law clerk for the Education & Disability Clinic, and she also assists with research on special education matters. Alicia finds being a law clerk in the clinics extremely valuable as she awaits her bar results.

“Being a law clerk has been a great way to experience working closely with my supervising attorney, and being involved with different aspects of her practice has given me an inside look at how to approach my own career,” reflects Alicia. “I have also enjoyed being a resource for the legal interns, and it has been good experience to continuously have an overview of the progress of all the clinic’s cases. I hope that when I work as an attorney in a law office in the future it will have a similarly collaborative environment.”

Andrew Ejanda
Andrew is a new attorney as well as the law clerk for the Immigration Clinic. Andrew also assists in the Interviewing and Counseling class, whereby upper division law students interview potential clinic clients in a skills class taught by Professor Dalton.

Rebecca Epsten
Rebecca is the law clerk for the Federal Tax Clinic, which is part of the national Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) Program, funded by the IRS. Rebecca has been instrumental in the planning of a Federal Tax MCLE on November 3rd at 1:30 p.m. at the USD Legal Clinics. The MCLE event is open to attorneys and law students alike. (Please RSVP to USD Legal Clinics Interim Assistant Director, Eric Austin). Rebecca is also part of the LITC community outreach, which takes tax law information directly to low income individuals in San Diego. Rebecca is finding her tax clerk experience enormously beneficial as she awaits her bar results.

“Working as a law clerk has provided me the opportunity to work closely with experienced attorneys and gain valuable knowledge and insight into every aspect of practicing law,” states Rebecca. “Being surrounded by accomplished professionals who are willing to teach and guide me at this early stage in my career is an invaluable experience I will be able to take with me once I start practicing as a licensed attorney. Through my experience as a law clerk, I feel more prepared going forward in my career knowing that I have gained life-long mentors along the way.”

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