Highlighting our Fall 2011 Law Clerks!

We invite you to meet our Fall 2011 Law Clerks. From left to right.  Standing: Lucas Edwards, Mauro Colabianchi, Wil Jordan, Jacob Beers, Eric Austin, Kenneth Yu, Paul Schlegel.  Sitting: Lisa Cheng and Catherine Weinberg.

Law Clerks - Fall 2011

Initiated in 2007, the Law Clerk Program offers a unique opportunity for recent USD Law School graduates to work part-time at the Legal Clinics as they are awaiting their bar results and/or embarking on their job search.  Learn more about the program in our Meet the Law Clerks Summer Highlight.  Two of the Fall 2011 Law Clerks took a few moments to talk with us about their experience in the Law Clerk program in addition to their career aspirations:

Wil Jordan:  “I began considering law school after taking a constitutional law class in undergrad and finding the material incredibly engaging,” says Wil.  “However, I decided to get into the real world first and work for a couple years at a pair of start ups after undergrad. I quickly found that the workload just wasn’t interesting, challenging, or intellectually demanding enough to keep me engaged, and certainly wasn’t something I wanted to do long term.” As a result, Wil began applying to law schools to see if he could re-access that intellectual challenge.  He found it at USD, and is now a Law Clerk working in the Civil Clinic.

In his work in the Civil Clinic, he has grown to enjoy helping people deal with legal problems that they couldn’t otherwise address.  “Although the work output is different than when I was at the clinic as a student, the feeling still remains,” notes Wil.  “I know the work I’ve advised and assisted with has directly benefited our clients, and made their lives, if not better, at least easier, in a way that could only be done by a lawyer. I’m glad I’ve found a way to use the skills I developed at school to help the people around me.”  Wil hopes to practice law in either civil litigation or as a DA, with a long-term goal of a position on the bench, either as a Federal judge or a California Superior Court judge.

Mauro Colabianchi: Mauro decided to pursue a degree in law due to his own deep belief in the spirit and function of the law.  “I believe that respect for the law and for those who enforce it is not only a moral imperative, but necessary for a functional society,” comments Mauro.  “So I wanted to be part of a profession that at its best is tasked with making sure the law is respected.”

Mauro works as a Law Clerk in the Federal Tax Clinic alongside Professor Richard Carpenter.  “I am learning a lot,” he notes.  “In particular I play a small part in every case, and that allows me to have the greatest amount of exposure to tax issues and IRS procedure.”  Mauro hopes to use his degree to make a decent living for himself while continuing to learn more about tax law to help his clients take full advantage of it.


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