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“Never to reject, for any consideration personal to himself or herself, the cause of the defenseless or the oppressed.”  –California Business & Professions Code section 6068(h)

USD Legal Clinics

The Legal Clinics at the University of San Diego (USD) seek to enrich the academic experience of graduate law students by providing high quality  training in the values of law practice as well as fundamental  skills in a realistic and professional context.  This training is offered to upper division law students under the supervision of a professor / attorney and includes  weekly classes and/or case rounds.  In an effort to also assist individuals in our community, the service they provide is targeted to particular segments of the low-income population of San Diego County.  Clinics are offered in 14 key practice areas with the goal of developing student expertise and skill through hands-on legal work, also allowing students to explore an area in which they may wish to focus their law practice upon graduation.

The Legal Clinics offered are:

4.Education and Disability
7.Federal Tax
9.Landlord Tenant
10.Land Use
11.Small Claims
12.State Income Tax (CA)
13.State Sales & Use Tax (CA)
14. Veterans

Clinics Fast Facts

  • Number of cases closed in 2012:  688
  • Average number of cases that were open at any given time: 300
  • Number of phone calls from potential or current clients in 2012:  15,816
  • Average number of student interns trained in each calendar year:  148
  • Number of hours logged by student interns in 2012 in Client Services: 20,060.45*
  • Client Services are clinics that provide direct representation to individual clients:
  • Appellate, Civil, Education and Disability, Entrepreneurship, Federal Tax, Immigration, Landlord Tenant, Small Claims, State Income Tax, State Sales and Use Tax, Veterans.
  • *If we were billing the 2012 intern time at $150/hour, a typical rate that a law firm might bill out for a law clerk, our firm would have earned $3,009,067.50!

*If we were billing the 2010 intern time at $125/hour, a typical rate that a law firm might bill out for a law clerk, our firm would have earned $2,749,750!


All donations to USD Legal Clinics are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

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