Are you a Conscious Leader?

By CLA’s High School Intern Milan Sandhu

The world is becoming a very diverse place. Never before in history have you been able to walk down a street and see so many people of different skin colors and sizes. With advancements in technology, the world has become increasingly smaller; and as a result, the cultures of the world are able to meet in ways and combinations that weren’t possible just a century ago. Being a person of Serbian and Indian descent, I am an example of one of these combinations. However, race isn’t the only way in which the globe is beginning to become more diverse. For this reason, strong and accepting political leaders are absolutely essential to the functionality of the world. Leaders who do their jobs through the use of conscious leadership are what the world needs.

Conscious leaders aren’t leaders who are simply aware of what happens in the community that they govern; they are leaders who actively seek to voice the concerns of the overlooked population of the community. They are leaders who do their best to make sure people of all different races, sexualities, and genders can feel comfortable and safe as valued members of the community. They are leaders who make sure that everybody’s opinion, no matter how controversial, is heard. They are leaders who make the community a better place to live for all.

Conscious leaders are necessary to make sure the world is as productive as possible. With the sheer number of differences between people and their beliefs, conscious leaders can help people learn to be accepting of each other and their differences, something much needed for countries that are struggling to be productive due to petty fighting between political parties. They are also helpful for people of the minority who consistently find that their voice in society is consistently overlooked.

What is conscious leadership? I’ve mentioned what conscious leaders do and how they behave, but I haven’t discussed what conscious leadership is. Conscious leadership is leadership that is derived from learning to identify with all members of the community. It is leadership that does not shun members of the community simply because of the color of their skin, sexuality, gender, or lack thereof. It is leadership that allows everybody to be heard, especially the voices of those whose opinions aren’t given the attention they deserve. Although I have discussed conscious leadership in the context of political and economic situations, it can be used in so many ways. Conscious leadership can be used when leading a sports team or running a meeting at work. When it comes down to it, conscious leadership is nothing more than listening to everybody’s voices, and making sure that everybody is heard; no matter how different they are from you.

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  1. Well said, Milan. Active listening is such an important part of conscious leadership. And only through, listening, understanding and empathizing with others can we lead effectively. I can’t wait to learn more about your personal leadership journey.

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