Zoom Tips

Make sure you take advantage of your USD Zoom account, all faculty, students and staff has access to Zoom Pro.

Learn more about how to activate your Zoom Pro account here. This page also has other helpful tips on how to best utilize Zoom.

There are two new features that are now available to use with your USD Zoom account. These features are available with the latest release of Zoom, so make sure you upgrade! Learn here how to do that.

  1. Live Captioning
    Live captioning automatically generates closed captions for all Zoom meetings/classes in real-time, allowing participants to read along.  In addition to increasing accessibility for the hearing impaired, this feature allows users in loud environments or without headphones to easily understand what is going on. It also helps students during live classes in situations where they did not fully hear what was being said. Please note that only the meeting host can turn this feature on.

Click here to learn how to activate Live Captioning.

  1. Blurred Background
    The blurred background feature allows users to automatically blur their background. Blurred backgrounds are available to almost all types of computers, including those that do not meet the minimum requirements for the standard virtual backgrounds. Note that this feature is only available with the latest release of Zoom.

Click here to learn for a short video explaining how to blur your background.

If you have any questions, please contact the USD ITS Help Desk by phone (619-260-7900), email help@sandiego.edu or online (sandiego.edu/help)