Research & Writing

I am excited to present to you various selected works and writings from my time as a PhD student at the University of San Diego.

A Mixed Methods Investigation of Leadership Development Resulting from Participation in an Internationally Focused Leadership Institute— An Explanatory Sequential Mixed-Method investigation of Leadership Development of participants in the Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership & International Cooperation. This project seeks to examine the variation in leadership development of international participants in a three-week long conference-style institute. The research design employs an initial quantitative phase using the Socially Responsible Leadership Scale, followed by a qualitative phase using individual interviews.  Additional support provided by the Caster Center for Research at the University of San Diego. (In Progress)

Empowering Women: Messages from Campus— A multi-media look at how women at the University of San Diego feel empowered on campus. Beginning with the presentation of a one question written survey, and followed by a video expose of 55 women (to reflect the 55% of the undergraduate population made up by women during the Fall of 2015) representing students, staff, faculty, and alumni, this project seeks to identify the ways the University is both successful and falling short in empowering women on campus.  (In progress). Watch the video below.[youtube][/youtube]


Neither Here nor There: A Qualitative Look at the Experience of University Presidents at American-Accredited Universities Located in Foreign Countries. According to the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), 43 institutions have been awarded accreditation through US accrediting bodies, and are located beyond the borders of the 50 states. Universities on nearly every continent offer education according to American standards, and  are lead by a unique group of Presidents. Using a phenomenological qualitative design, this project seeks to investigate commonalities in these Presidents’ professional histories, leadership styles, perceptions and views on the challenges of these distinctive institutions. (In progress)

The Price of Presidency: Factors Contributing to the Compensation Levels of University Presidents.  This quantitative study uses the latest reported figures from the Chronicle of Higher Education to determine which personal attributes and institutional characteristics influence the compensation levels of top executives on campus. Creating a model of regression analysis, it was found that compensation is directly linked to certain certain factors– but not necessarily the factors one would think.