Courses & Teaching Experience

University of San Diego: LEAD 150 Emerging Leaders, 2015– A one-semester course focusing on Social Change Model of Leadership (SCM). Curriculum includes leadership theory and strategies, as well as personal leadership development.

Franklin College Switzerland: TVL 399 Service Learning, 2008, 2009– A one-semester course culminating in a 2-week travel experience requiring students to participate in various service projects in rural and coastal Croatian towns and villages.

University of South Florida: The University Experience, 2000– Developed and implemented a first-year success course syllabus with lessons in time management, library skills, financial management, and campus resources.

University of San Francisco: Paraprofessional Training Class, 1998, 1999– Instruction on topics including community development needs assessment, multicultural awareness, programming, creativity, and personal wellness.

University of San Francisco: Choosing Healthy Options In A Community Environment (CHOICES), 1998, 1999– Facilitated a three-hour session focused on exploring participants’ past and present use of alcohol, defining the components of healthy use, legal issues, and the physiological and psychological effects of the use and misuse of alcohol.