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Dear Campus Community,

ITS is excited to announce that the University of San Diego will be joining 7 of 8 ivy league schools and over 70 of the 100 top universities in the United States by moving our email to Google Apps for Education!  ITS will begin the process of migrating all USD faculty and staff to Gmail immediately.  This process will occur silently behind the scenes until the 4th of July weekend, at which time we will officially flip the switch and everyone will begin using Gmail on Tuesday, July 5th.


Visit the Help Desk’s Google Apps information page at:


ITS is working to quickly develop training for anyone who wants to become more familiarized with Gmail and Calendar.  We will announce the training shortly, but in the meanwhile you can actually login to your Google account and start acquainting yourself with the system now.  We’re also creating informational websites with links to training materials and how-to videos so you can start learning now:


To login to your new Google Account, go to and login using your USDone credentials
  • NOTE:  ITS is in the process of creating Google accounts and migrating your email, calendar and contacts.  Not all accounts have been created, and not all of your content has been moved.  If your account isn’t working yet, try again another day.  You will not be able to receive new email in your Gmail account until Jul 5th, nor will everything work 100%.  Feel free to look around, try out settings and familiarize yourself with the system but please do not start actively using Google until July 5th.


Visit the Help Desk’s Google Apps tutorial center at:


Please also note that the above web pages are a work in progress due to our accelerated schedule!  If there is any content you’d like to see added to our tutorial center, please email and let us know.


You can validate the authenticity of this email by going to the ITS Help Desk’s blog at:


Thank you.

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