Gmail FAQ

How do I get to my USD provided Gmail account?

Can I request a read receipt when sending an email?

Can I copy and paste address lists into the recipient field?

  • Yes!  Make sure each email address is separated by a comma or semicolon.

Why isn’t all of my email in Gmail?

  • We are still in the process of moving everything to Google.  Please wait until July 5, 2016 before you start using Google as your primary USD mail account.

Why do I have duplicate emails in Google?

  • The email migration process from Exchange to Google may result in a few duplicate emails.  Don’t worry, you have unlimited storage with Google and can just delete any extra email.

How do I set an email signature?

How do I turn on Out of Office replies?

How do I draft a new email in a separate window?

What is the biggest file attachment I can include in an email?

  • Gmail limits the size of an email to 25mb.  That means your email AND any attached files can not exceed 25mb.

What is the maximum number of emails I can send in one day?

  • 2,000.  If you try and send more than 2,000 in one day, your account will be blocked from sending additional emails for 24 hours.  Note that ITS can not remove this lock.

How do I cc: or bcc: someone in an email?

  • When you’re composing a message, just click Cc or Bcc in the top right corner of your compose window and enter the email addresses that you want to carbon copy or blind carbon copy.

Will this transition to Gmail affect my personal Gmail account?

  • No!  Your USD Gmail account is separate and unique from any personal account you own.  Your new USD Gmail account will have the same email address you currently use with Outlook.

Will this transition to Gmail affect my alumni email account?

  • Yes!  If you are both an alumni and staff or faculty member, your mailboxes will be merged into one account.  All of the email, calendar and contacts from Outlook will be imported into your Toreromail account.

How do I indent text within an email?

  • You need to click the Indent button at the bottom of your compose email screen.  The tab key will not indent text.

How do I save a draft of my email?

  • Gmail automatically saves drafts of your email as you’re tying them.  If you close your email window before clicking Send, you will find a draft of it in your Drafts folder.