Maoist Chairman Prachanda presents “Everest Summit Award” to IPJ


25th May, 2008

Maoist Chairman Prachanda presents “Everest Summit Award” to IPJ

Dr. Dee Aker on behalf of the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at the University of San Diego’s Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies received the “Everest Summit Award” on 25th May, 2008 by Maoists Chairman Prachanda in Kathmandu, organized by Today’s Youth Asia (TYA).
Associate Editor of Today’s Youth Asia magazine, Ayusha Nirola said, “Today’s Youth Asia in Nepal launched this humanitarian award to recognize those international figures who have been successful in bringing about a constructive positive reform in the society, to benefit global humanity through their tireless contribution to humanitarian works, peace, education and media.”

Chief Guest at this award ceremony, Maoist Chairman Prachanda said that he welcomed the participation of the international community in the development process of Nepal. He also congratulated Institute for Peace & Justice and said, “I am convinced that our next generation will contribute to Nepal’s progress and development and the Everest Summit Award is the first step towards achieving that positive identity worldwide.”

Santosh Shah, the Publisher & Editor of Today’s Youth Asia magazine and the Director of the Everest Summit Award stated that, “Despite several shortcomings of Nepal’s politics and developments, TYA is making an effort to create at least some young leaders who can serve Nepal in various technical fields. Institute for Peace & Justice has contributed to the peace and justice of several conflict-ridden nations worldwide. We are impressed with their practical approach and innovative and effective methods.”

The recipient of the award Dr. Dee Aker said, “In our work around the world, perhaps it is the inspiration and dedication of the women peacemakers and commitment of youth that teaches us the most about the essentials in peace building.” She also said, “People want to cultivate a new respect for diversity while working for inclusion of voices and the profound rights of citizens. We hope to support you in the creation of a truly inclusive, democratic and just state.”Everest Summit Award was launched as an international award from Nepal in February 2008 and the first award was offered to Ms Aram Hur & Indigo Sowon of South Korea.
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