Doctoral Consortium







The ICAIL 2015 Doctoral Consortium aims at promoting the exchange of ideas among PhD students in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Law and at providing  them an opportunity to interact and receive feedback from leading scholars and experts in the field.



Jyothi Vinjumur:

Methodology for Constructing Test Collections using Collaborative Annotation


Loredana Cupi:

Processing Named Entities in Legal Text


Marco Giacalone:

ODR and a new approach for a win-win E-Justice


Coffee Break


Alessandra Malerba:

International Interactions among Legal Systems and Informal Argumentation


Robert Muthuri:

Actualising Compliance Patterns within Compliance Management Workflows


Fahimeh Abedi:

Universal Standards for the Concepts of Fairness, Trust and Security in Online Dispute Resolution in B2C E-disputes


The specific goals of the Doctoral Consortium are to provide:

  • fruitful feedback and advice to selected PhD students on their research projects;
  • the opportunity to meet experts from different backgrounds working on topics related to the AI & Law and Legal Information Systems fields;
  • an opportunity to have a face to face mentoring discussion on the topic and methodology of the PhD with an international senior scholar;
  • the opportunity to discuss concerns about research, supervision, the job market, and other career-related issues.

We plan to publish the accepted submissions online in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings Series, see


The PC will assign the “Best paper of ICAIL 2015 Doctoral Consortium” Award to the most original, groundbreaking and well presented research.