Getting Started

After your account has been created, you may access the environment via either SSH or SFTP:

Logging In

You will need to use SSH (Secure Shell) in order to access the cluster.  Windows users can use PuTTY or Cygwin. MacOS users can use the built-in Terminal application.

If logging in from a command line, type:

$ ssh <UserID>

where <UserID> is your account given by the system administrator. Your password will be your UserID password.

  • Hostname:
  • Username: Your UserID
  • Password: Your UserID password

All jobs must be run through Saber1 queue. Jobs that are not submitted through the queue will be killed. Don’t worry if you are running MPI (Message Passing Interface) jobs, you will be able to run those just fine through the queue.

  • Instructions are provided in Bash Command Basics on how to compile and link programs using the ‘make’ built-in shell command.
  • Please do not compile OpenOffice on the grid.

More Information

You have an allocated amount of space on the grid based on your account.

You can manipulate your code and jobs on Saber1 using Shell commands.  Jobs can also be run on multiple CPUs (parallel programming).  Parallel environments will be discussed below.

Three important commands for the grid are qsub, qstat, and qdel, which will be discussed in detail.

  • qsub – creates a job from commands
  • qstat – gathers information on running jobs
  • qdel – deletes a job

For help with Bash commands refer to the Bash Commands Basics section.