Acceptable Use

All users of the University of San Diego Sites service agree to follow USD’s policy on responsible use of university computing resources.


Users of the USD Sites service grant to USD and its agents a non-exclusive license to use all content posted in blogs and sites hosted in the tool. The writer of the page, blog entry and/or comment retains the copyright to that content.


USD MySanDiego account username and passwords, which serve as the authentication method to USD Sites, are specific to the individual and may not be shared with others.


Only members of the University of San Diego community are eligible to open websites and blogs on the platform. This includes faculty, staff, administrators, and students and requires a valid MySanDiego username, password, and e-mail address.

Sites and/or blogs may be opened for personal or professional use to represent the writer’s personal or professional activities. No blogs or sites on can be opened to replace or duplicate academic or administrative websites served on

After an account owner leaves the university his/her USD Sites account will be closed; if the individual oversees organizational or group accounts beyond a personal or professional site or blog for themselves, the affected sites/blogs will need to be transferred to new ownership in order to remain open.


Only themes designed and developed by or through University Web Services can be used on USD Sites. We cannot upload custom themes for users at this time, as we do not provide access to the CSS or other features that would be needed for customizing individual sites or blogs.

When a site or blog is activated it automatically receives the ‘standard’ theme; to select one of the other options, please see the theme gallery.

Scope of Service

USD Sites provides a pre-configured environment with a robust set of themes and plugins that site owners can use to create their own web space. USD Sites is not a custom development environment, which means that users may not install their own themes or plugins or obtain access to the back end of the service.

University Web Services provides account start-up and management of a small number of themes but does not provide web design consultation, in-depth personalized training, or assistance with custom CSS or other design and development tasks. WordPress is open-source software and there is online documentation and information available at

Access to create sites is available to individuals with official USD faculty, staff, or student status. Others may participate in a site when invited to do so by the site owner but do not have access to create sites.


All blogs in the USD Sites service must have comments moderated (i.e. reviewed prior to publication). Blogs will be set up with moderation enabled, and blog owners are responsible for ensuring that moderation takes place.


Recommendations for updates can be submitted via the USD Sites landing page.