Topics and Questions [Garcia]

Possible Topics: Research Paper

  1. Artificial Intelligence
    1. What are the potential possibilities of robots and how might it affect the future of society?
    2. To what extent will the development of artificial intelligence be helpful to the future of society and at what point will it be detrimental?
    3. What impact will artificial intelligence have in health care?
  2. Social Media
    1. What is the effect of social media on the psychological growth of children?
    2. What impact does social media have on interactions of society?
    3. To what extent does social media impact the political world?
  3. Medicine
    1. To what extent are recent advancements in technology going to affect the future of society?
    2. What implications will new technologies, such as genetic cloning, have in medicine?
    3. With the increase and advancement in medicine, how will the already aging population continue to develop?

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