Gibbon Paragraph [Berger]

As I hear the voices in my head speak I think abut what I am going to write about. I am glad this assignment allows us to write whatever we want, and I get to have my creative juices flowing. I could really talk about anything but recently I have had my mind on the question of who I will be when I am all grown up. I have my fantasies like any other person but how realistic are they? Can I really be a millionaire who gets to manage a professional sports team or is that expectation too grand for me to even think of. Although I do believe in the idea of thinking something into the existence and I have many years ahead of me I am not sure about this one. Also, I have many years to make this happen because I am still young but everyday that time frame gets smaller and smaller and my opportunity gets smaller and smaller everyday I am not looking to try to get my foot in the door. I don’t really talk to myself that much so this is kind of weird, but for me it’s awfully pleasing because I get to disconnect from everything and it’s just me and the voices in my head. I actually feel free.

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