First Draft

Option 3 (Responsibilities of a Creator)

The responsibilities of those who pursue scientific discoveries or technology simultaneously have the role of the parent towards society as they are the most knowledgeable in the field of science; given their discovery. Additionally if this discovery is to be of a form of life or consciousness, the creator has a parent like role towards their creation despite if the creation meets the expectations of the creator. In the case of the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the protagonist Victor Frankenstein is responsible for the resurrection of the creature.

The two arguments orbiting the theme of responsibility in this chosen extract are of the creature and Frankenstein. Asking the question of who was the greater monster? Although the beast is portrayed as the antagonist of the novel, the creature posses a degree of both intellectuality and emotional intelligence. The beast believes that hope has been given up on him by his creator, that which whom the beast considers a parent.

Quote list:
“Not in deed, but in effect” (Vol 2, Ch.2) – In this quote Victor demonstrates guilt by admitting he may not have had the intention to create a killing creature yet he still did. Victor feels as if he himself committed the murder and rather blames himself for being the source of William’s death.

Justine’s death.

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