Introduction [Parsa Kanani]

My name is Parsa Kanani, and I am an international student at USD. Ethnically I am Persian, however I was born and raised in Bucharest. Although I was living in Romania with Persian parents, I have completed all academic institutions in English as it is my first language.In addition to English, I fluently speak Romanian, Farsi, Azari, Turkish, French and Spanish. Yet in the last few years some of my fluency has been fading as my persistency in the use of each language decreased. Ironically, I can only write in English and Romanian as they are the only languages I was schooled in, the rest I learned through being exposed to a diversity of people.  My family members are composed of my parents and my brother who is younger by one year. Additionally, I have 24 first generation cousins spread around the globe and 5 adoptive siblings which are all older who live in Romania.In all sincerity I have never considered what my hobbies are, however I’ve always tried to maintain three activities in my life, one which keeps me physically fit, one which enhances my creativity and one which acquires money. Therefore, I have explored many areas keeping these principles in mind. Such “hobbies” would be, boxing, thai-boxing, taekwondo, street art, architecture, foreign exchange trading and lead several profit and non-profit ventures. Currently I am planning to double major in business administration and finance with a major in analytics. Eventually I would like to have a my work structured in a way to always be traveling between Europe and California.

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