Medium Reflection – Isabel Corti

It is evident that the circumstances that someone is under can have major effects on what is written and how it is written. This is because different experiences bring up different issues and concerns. These very experiences are what makes every single piece of writing unique, as an authors past and present situation can bring up very different opinions on a subject matter. Going back to the whole idea of genre, every different situation requires a different type of writing. This ties in with the whole notion surrounding the idea that different mediums reflect what ends up being written. But why is this the case? The first question you should ask yourself is why they are so many different types of mediums. The answer is simple, every medium has a different audience and a set of expectations that it needs to put froth. Because of this it becomes clear that different mediums are merely a reflection of what is expected to be read by the selected audience.

One can easily distinguish this very difference when reading Clark’s and Bronowski’s works and comparing them to Virginia Woolf’s essay. This is because Bronowski’s and Clark’s pieces where written as a thirteen part performance, so their overall writing is more engaging as it follows a “story line” and has the goal to educate the reader. On the other hand while Virginia Woolf’s writing was also written as a performance, as it was intended to be heard as a lecture, she pays close attention to the time period that she is in, and how the circumstances she writes in are very different to those that men write under. Having worked both on Scalar and on a traditional 5 page essay in this class, I have been able to experience working with two very different mediums, and recognise how this affects my writing. This is because every medium you write in holds very different expectations on how something should be written. While the 5 page essay is a very formal type of writing, Scalar gave me the ability to be more creative in the writing process, and use my creativity to get my point across. Thus, it is evident that different mediums and circumstances will result in different styles of writing as the author has to conform to what the audience is expecting to read.

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