IT Employee Offboarding Checklist

As our employees transition to/from USD, the procedure listed below must be followed.

This checklist is meant to assist the employee and the managers in a smoother transition.

Devices – All USD technology devices and tools issued to the individual must be turned into ITS (unless other arrangements have been made with his/her supervisor).

Data – Instruct the outgoing employee to remove any personal information from all drives and systems and to transfer ownership to a designated employee within the department.

Applications/Sofware – If the employee is the owner of any special applications or the instructor of an LMS course, please modify ownership (Qualtrics, DropBox, Blackboard, etc.) If the employee owns/uses specialized/purchased software, contact the ITS Helpdesk to modify ownership or install it on another user’s computer.

Email – Email accounts are provided to current employees for the purpose of serving the university’s mission, and the work related to this mission, in an individual’s specific university role. When an individual’s employment ends, it is the university’s responsibility to deactivate accounts to limit access to private and/or proprietary information. This practice is consistent with other employers and demonstrates responsible use of electronic resources.

Adjunct Faculty:  Adjunct faculty who are not expected to return and whose employment is officially ending will see their email accounts disabled on their last day of employment.

Retiring Faculty and Emeritus Faculty:  Retired tenured faculty or emeritus faculty who are eligible for retiree benefits are permitted to retain their email address.

Staff, Administrators, and other Faculty:  Email accounts for staff, administrators and faculty who are ending their employment with the university will be deactivated on the individual’s last day of employment.  They will not be able to maintain their existing account.  If an individual is an alumnus or alumna of the university and they wish to have a USD email account, they can request a new email account.  If a staff or administrator is retiring from the university (and is eligible for retiree benefits) and they wish to have a USD email account, they can request a new email account with Human Resources prior to their last day of employment. Emails from one account will not be transferred to another.

While university email is intended for university-related business only, we recognize individuals may occasionally use it for personal needs.  If individuals need to retain personal emails or documents from their Google drive, they must transfer those to their personal account before their last day of employment. Deactivated accounts will not be reactivated for personal use after the employee’s employment ends.

  • Upon separation or graduation, mailbox access will be removed upon official notification of termination or departure.
  • If an employee requires access to email after their departure date, please request this access prior to departure.
  • If the department requires access to the employee’s email after the departure date, please request this prior to or with notification of the departure to ensure timely access.
  • Requests to have emails forwarded or transferred to the next person in the position will need to be made prior to the departure as well.

Credentials – If the employee has access or ownership to institutional or departmental social media accounts, the department must modify ownership or access rights upon departure.