Using small group instruction to assess your student

Using small group instruction to assess your student

The second hour of my tutoring sessions has really opened my eyes a lot. The teacher has made me one of the “stations” in the guided reading hour. I get to work with the entire class, but in groups of 4 at a time. The beginner groups read their book in Spanish and then tell me what it is about or summarize the main theme in English. The more advanced groups read with me in English and we discuss the meaning of the book and I help them with comprehension and developing new English vocabulary. This hour really helps me to see the different levels of English proficiency among the children. I also get to see how my tutee responds when he has the help of his classmates and the use of familiar reading materials.

Possible Strategies:
It seems that you are using the second hour of your tutoring in a very productive way to gain more knowledge about the advantages of using primary language to help students gain English.