Skipping the unknown words

Skipping the unknown words

My student does not take the time to pronounce unfamiliar words. He automatically just skips over them without even trying to sound them out. I’ve talked to him about slowing down his reading pace so that he can really concentrate on pronunciation. Is there anything else I can do?

Possible Strategies:
You must show your student strategies to figure out the sounds of words. The problem lies in the irregularity of the English language. Because the English language is so irregular, it is difficult for students to apply the rules that they already know. You must guide him to try to decipher the meaning from context (Does it make sense? Does the word follow a pattern?) If the student does not have enough oral vocabulary it will be difficult for him / her to answer some of these questions. This is why it is pertinent that the students read literature that is “just beyond their fence,” where they will encounter several new words that are not too sophisticated for their level. At times it is best to teach them how to pronounce a word, so that the next time, or maybe after the 3rd time, they will remember.