Mixing business with pleasure

Mixing business with pleasure. Making assessment enjoyable.

I had another tutoring session today. It was a little strange seeing my student after that week-long break, but she’s an easygoing kid and the affective filter between us is still extremely low. Anyway, it felt kind of weird to just start our session and I wasn’t sure how much she remembered from our previous lessons, so I kind of broke the ice by playing a version of the “Alphabet Ball” game. It was a beautiful day today so we went out on the playground and started to toss the ball around. At first we talked about Halloween and what we did last week and how we felt about the fires, but then I was able to move her into content by telling her that we were going to play a game where we would review our previous lessons. So, I’d throw the ball and say “green” and she’d catch it and then throw it back saying “yellow” and back and forth. This was a great way to just relax and get to know each other again and at the same time a great opportunity for me to assess what she remembered and where we still needed work! My tutee is a really active child as well and she seemed to enjoy the physical activity as much as the mental exercise. I was a little nervous about starting out with a review game since we only have two hours together, but the game only took 10-15 minutes, and afterward I think that we were both more relaxed and ready to focus on the lesson ahead of us.