Middle School: Reconstruction


Lesson Topic: Reconstruction Period. The Land, by Mildred Taylor.

Objective: Understanding the African-American experience during this era.

Key Concepts:

  • Content Obligatory: Graphic organizers (family tree);
    Reconstruction, slavery, plantations, heir.
  • Content Supportive: General knowledge of slavery
    and Civil War.

Introduce: Show five minute clip of Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry. Give a brief explanation of Reconstruction time period.
Materials: TV, VCR, video
Multiple Intelligences: visual, linguistic

Explore: Shared reading of chapter 3 of The Land. Ask teacher guided comprehension questions; have students underline
unfamiliar vocabulary on personal copies.
Materials: overhead projector, handouts of text
Multiple Intelligences: linguistic

Extend: Teacher scaffolds family tree of characters in the story. Students finish task in pairs.
Materials: overhead projector
Multiple Intelligences: interpersonal, visual

Assess: Students write in Reader Logs. They create a similar descriptive, this time from Casey’s point of view (sister
of narrator). Use new vocabulary from text.
Materials: Reader Logs
Multiple Intelligences: intrapersonal