Getting a student to open up

Getting a student to open up

I had a really good session this morning with my student. We started out by working on a book we have been writing. I’m giving her the freedom to decide how the story goes, and with a little guidance, letting her write about what she wants. I think she really enjoys being able to have a choice instead of being forced to write about a specific topic. I’ve been helping her with spelling if she gets really stuck, but she is doing very well sounding out words. She is also doing the drawings for each page which she is very good at. When we were done, she wanted to read to me. As we read a book about Seals and Whales, for the first time, she started asking me questions about the reading. I was very excited because she was opening up to me, using more than one word answers and initiating conversation! I feel like we are finally making progress. She also compared some animals in the book we read today to another ocean book we read many weeks ago, I was so excited she actually remembered prior lessons and could make a comparison. I know these seem like little steps but for a student who is very shy and afraid to speak, this was a great day!

Possible Strategies:
Yeeah!! “small but BIG success”… You provided also a good example for why “student choice” (from the ELD/SDAIE elements list) is so important in learning and teaching.