Finding alternative methods to reinforce instruction

Finding alternative methods to reinforce instruction

I just finished my fourth session and I wanted to share a game that we played. This can be done with just two people or a small group, I played it with a small group. The game is called alphabet ball. All you need is a hardcover book, (we used encyclopedias) and a tennis ball. The object is to hit the ball back and forth with the book. Every time you hit the ball, you say a different letter of the alphabet (go in order). To make things harder, choose a letter and then every time you hit the ball, say a word that begins with that letter. If you are playing with a group, your tutee can be the leader and call out the letter of the alphabet to use. To make hitting the ball easier, allow for it to bounce because you will get fewer stops. On the other hand, if the student is beyond learning the alphabet, use the game to practice any new vocabulary that you have been working on.

Possible Strategies:
What a creative way to reinforce your lessons. It is always a good idea to seek different methods of teaching students especially activities that engage the students like Alphabet Ball. Like you mentioned, this game seems adaptable for students who are beyond learning the alphabet and indeed could be used as a reinforce in any content area, like for teaching math facts or even literary techniques. As you have shown us, creativity is pivotal for teachers and tutors alike because it is important to keep our students actively involved in their own development.