Everyone else in the class wants to work with us

Everyone else in the class wants to work with us

I had great success with the activity I did from p. 120 of the Claire book. There was just one problem, by the end of the session, I had about 5 kids gathered around us trying to help. The teacher won’t let us go outside, and it is free time (supposedly independent reading) for everyone so they all want to come by us. Any suggestions on how I could tell them in a nice way that the activity is designed only for my student?

Possible Strategies:
I loved the activities you did! If you have extra kids hanging around, then try to use them to your advantage. I also have students hanging around my classroom and they love interacting with my tutee. Try playing some simple group games that require your tutee to vocally interact with the other students, maybe even have her teach the games. I’m trying the same method with my kids, so I’ll post any game ideas I have. Last week I taught the card game “liar” (also known as B.S.) to a group of kids. They loved playing it, and my tutee had a good time interacting with the other students. It does not require a high vocabulary and therefore should create low anxiety as well. You just have to know the names of the 52 cards in the deck. The game could work well with early production or speech emergent students.