Developing oral comprehension

Developing oral comprehension

On Friday, I worked with the entire class for the hour that I was there. The teacher asked me to work with individual reading groups, have them read their Spanish reading books and retell the story to me in English. It was great working with all the different levels and it really helped to see my tutee, within his reading group, to see how he retold the story. His classmates helped him out a lot. He used the pictures and the text to help him tell the story in English using one or two words.

On Monday, I have my individual tutoring session with him again and I am planning an activity where he can label objects with post-its. He likes to move around, and through the assessment, I noticed he had a few gaps in his vocabulary related to the classroom & school setting. His teacher also stressed how hard it is for him to follow directions or know what he is supposed to have on his desk when she addresses the class in English. Any suggestions on how I can incorporate something similar to video games into a tutoring session? He tells me that it is his favorite thing to do and I want to make the activities fun by relating them to his hobbies.

Possible Strategies:
Unfortunately, I can’t think of something incorporating video games … I don’t know if the teacher would approve (or anyone in the school for that matter) since video games are not allowed in schools. You can use the characters he likes to practice all kind of vocabulary. For example, you can use characters from Pokemon to give commands like the ones that appear under TPR activities in the Claire book.