Viviana Alexandrowicz 
Associate Professor

Dr. AlexandrowiczLearning and Teaching:
  • Ph.D. Claremont Graduate School/SDSU Joint Doctoral
  • M.A. San Diego State University
  • B.A. Universidad Catolica de Chile

Prior to joining the faculty at USD, Viviana Alexandrowicz, Ph.D., taught bilingual teacher education for the Policy Studies Department at San Diego State University. She has taught in elementary and secondary classrooms. Alexandrowicz’s main area of interest is multicultural/bilingual education and the development of bi-literacy for all children. Her research focuses on the effectiveness of in-service bilingual teacher education, second language acquisition, methodologies for teaching second language and specially designed academic instruction in English. She has been a consultant for school districts on the utilization of the media by parents and teachers in developing literacy.

Recent Publications:

Co-Guest Editor/blind reviewer for Teaching Education, Queensland University, Australia, Special Theme Issue Family, School, Community Engagement and Partnerships, 2012.

Buczynski, S., Inoue, N., Lattimer, H., & Alexandrowicz, V. (2010). Developing a policy for an international experience requirement in a graduate teacher education program: a cautionary tale. Teaching Education.

Alexandrowicz, V (Spring 2002). Effective Instruction for Second language Learners: What Tutors Must Know. Reading Improvement Journal.

Alexandrowicz, V. (2002). Career counseling services in schools in Chile. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal.