7th Grade: Early Intermediate

ELD Lesson Plan

Grade level: Seventh.
Level of ELD: Early Intermediate
Objective: Phonics
Prior Knowledge and Skills: Must have some understanding of sounds produced by consonants.

Key vocabulary: ball, bat, book, bee, bread, butter.

Materials: paper, pencil, Memory cards.

Anticipatory set: B tongue twisters: Big Balls Bounce. (Time: 2 minutes)

Instruction: Thumbs up, Thumbs down. I say “B” words aloud, and when the student hears a “B” sound at the beginning, he/she makes a thumbs up. (Time: 5 minutes)

Guided Practice: Play “Memory” with B words. We play against each other. Each time a card is turned over, we correctly read the word under the picture. Words must be pronounced correctly to win. (Time: 8 minutes)

Independent Practice: We will copy all B words from the Memory cards onto paper and student reads them out loud. (Time: 5 minutes)

Assessment: Student will dictate a story to me, using as many B words as he/she can. I will write the story down and together we will read it. Then the student will copy the story down. If time permits, the student can illustrate the story and keep it to read in the future. (Time: 10 minutes)