6th/7th: Frogs

SDAIE Lesson – Grade 6-7

Lesson Topics/Title: Nonfiction – Frogs
Learning Objectives: To learn frog facts and vocabulary through fiction
Key Concepts/Language/Vocabulary to Develop:
Content Obligatory: Use Fantastic Frogs to gain knowledge of frog vocabulary: tadpole, egg, and froglet (Strategy 1)
Content Supportive: Basic knowledge of frogs, and basic reading and writing skills
Cluster: “Frogs”-What do students already know? (Strategy 2)
Fiction vs. Nonfiction: Use books about frogs- Compare and contrast (Strategy 2)
Have students copy down vocabulary words from the board onto index cards (Strategy 3)

Live Frog (if available)
Fiction book
Nonfiction book
Index cards

Intelligence: Intrapersonal, Linguistic, Spatial

While reading aloud, teacher stops frequently to ask questions for comprehension and to explain any unfamiliar descriptive words (Strategy 4, 5, 6, 7, 10). Throughout the story, teacher will encourage students to ask questions. At the end of the story, the teacher will define the vocabulary using words and pictures, and the students will write definition in their own words on index cards (Strategy 3).

Materials: A book about frogs

Intelligence: Linguistic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal

Working in pairs students will do the following:
Go to library to explore in books, computer, encyclopedia, to find out more about frogs- favorite kind, color, etc (Strategy 8)
Draw a picture of favorite frog on a poster board and write a short paragraph using the vocabulary (Strategy 9, 10)

Materials/Resources: Library, Computer, Reference books, Poster board, Markers/Crayons, Pen/Pencil

Intelligence: Interpersonal, Linguistic, Spatial

Students must present poster to the class and be prepared to answer questions about frog. Teachers will be able to assess comprehension of terms and ability to communicate facts with others (Strategy 10).

Intelligence: Interpersonal