3rd Grade: Intermediate

ELD Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 3rd Grade
Level of ELD: Intermediate
Objectives: The student will be able to construct sentences and gain word meaning using new vocabulary by organizing sentences into paragraph form.
Prior Knowledge and Skills: What, how or if their family/culture observes Thanksgiving.
Key Vocabulary: carve, stuff, praise, honor, pilgrim, Native American
Materials: Albert’s Thanksgiving, pencil, paper, crayons

Anticipatory Set (Time: 10 minutes): Ask the student what they already know about Thanksgiving. Give them a brief history including who, when, why and how the tradition of Thanksgiving began. Next, read the student Albert’s Thanksgiving by Leslie Tryon aloud. Allow the student to read along with you if they so please or trade off reading pages.

Instruction/Direct Teaching Time (Time:15 minutes): After the Thanksgiving story has been read, display your pre-chosen vocabulary words to the student. Be sure to pick words that were used throughout the story such as; carved, stuffed, celebrated, honored, etc. Have the student copy down these words on a separate sheet of paper. Supply the student with an additional sheet of paper with a few lines for them to make sentences using these new vocabulary words. The student will end up with about five sentences, or a paragraph, creating a short story of their own.

Guided Practice (Time:15 minutes): Assist the student while they write their sentences. Allow them to do the work for themselves for the most part, but scaffold them through the process. Stress the importance of using the vocabulary words correctly and spelling them correctly as well.

Independent Practice (Time: 15 minutes): The sheet of paper the student has written their story on will have room at the top for an illustration. Ask the student to draw a picture that will compliment their story. Advise them to get ideas for their drawing from the sentences they have already written. Allow them to use crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Assessment (Time: 5 minutes): To asses the student, have them bring back their completed assignment, short story and picture. Have them read their story back to you in a presentation type form. By reading their story aloud, they will gain a better understanding of whether or not their vocabulary words have been used correctly.

Intelligence Inventory: This activity will help my ELL student acquire a greater vocabulary. By working on linguistics with my student, I hope that they will gain understanding in the way a variety of words can have the same meaning.