Dr. A with Lost Boys of Sudan

Dr. A with Lost Boys of Sudan

WELCOME to Dr. Alexandrowicz’s Online Resource for Teachers & Tutors! This site was created to provide support to teachers and tutors who wish to be effective in helping second language learners of English (ESL learners) to become literate (listening, speaking, reading and writing) for different purposes.

ESL & Cultures Resource Objectives provide:

  • Background information on specific aspects of some cultural/ethnic groups and languages that are present in many of our neighborhoods and schools
  • The implications of these multiple aspects/factors for teaching and learning
  • Theories and strategies/ideas to help our students access the curriculum and increase their chances to succeed not only in school, but as members of our society as well

The Challenges We Face

The greatest challenge in developing a resource such as this website, is disseminating knowledge while avoiding building stereotypes about different cultures and individual people, or communicating that there are “formulas” or “one size fits all” and activities or lessons that will work with every ESL student.

Hopefully, the information included here will help you take into consideration the multiple factors that may come into play when teaching culturally and linguistically. The idea is that you will feel more knowledgeable and comfortable the first day you will be working with these students in your classroom or one-on-one tutoring or in small groups. If you know what to do and are prepared, it is more likely that embarking on such a unique experience will be more gratifying to you, your students, and their families.

Many teachers and tutors have witnessed the enthusiasm, effort and desire that most of our second language students have, not only to “make it”, but also to achieve in school.

What Your Second Language Student May Feel and Need

As a second language learner myself, I will never forget and will always cherish those who spent little or much time helping me learning how to speak, read or write. Those friends who spent countless hours with me on assignments, those teachers who found ways for me to show my talents without me having to say a word, those who encouraged and laughed with me when I did not understand, and those mentors who opened many doors I thought were closed as someone who didn’t speak English. To all these wonderful”Americans” who nurtured me and helped me succeed, and to my colleagues at USD who supported me in being able to make this project a reality, I dedicate this website.