May 23
11:25 PM
May 9
12:04 PM

Authorship Attribution Demo

On your Desktop, you will find a UTF-8 e-text of The Federalist Papers downloaded from Project Gutenberg. Use TextWrangler to edit the file into the individual essays. (Scholars who work on the Federalist refer to the individuals essays as “numbers”). We will be using R Studio and the stylo R package written by Mike Kestemont, Maciej Eder, and Jan Rybicki to analyze the texts for authorship. It is important that you adhere to the filename conventions that stylo expects when you edit the sample files: author, underscore, title, followed by the “.txt” filename extension. It will produce a clean graph if we use a three-letter code for the authors, and a two-digital number for the titles, e.g. Jay_02.txt. (Dis_ = Disputed, Ham_ = Hamilton, Jay_ = Jay, Jnt_ = Joint, Mad = Madison).

John Jay (Jay_): 2-5, 64

Alexander Hamilton (Ham_): 1, 6-9, 11-13, 15-17, 21-36, 59-61, 65-85.
(Note that 70 has two parts, which should be coded Ham_70a.txt and Ham_70b.txt).

James Madison (Mad_): 10, 14, 37-48, 58

Joint (Hamilton and Madison) (Jnt_): 18-20

Disputed (Hamilton or Madison) (Dis_): 49-57, 62-63

May 7
5:35 PM

Assignment #4

Hi Guys,

I decided to do my annotated map on a book series by Louise Penny known as the Gamache books. My map outlines real places in Quebec that are mentioned in the books or are based on these real places. All have pictures, some have direct parts from book, all are awesome. Enjoy!


Apr 29
2:49 PM

Ever wondered where horses come from?

Answer: ‘Merica

Anyways, most of you probably don’t care where horses come from or where they were bred, etc. But in case you ever need this information for something, here it is, on one convenient map!

If you want to know where all the fun prehistoric stuff came from, look here:

If you want to learn more about breeds, Wikipedia is your best friend, and cool pics can be found on Pinterest.

Apr 25
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an interdisciplinary body of works based upon the arts, including language, literature, history, ethnic, and social studies, that speaks to a collective human culture and experience

Dom Shank

Leyshla Collazo

Apr 25
4:28 PM

What are the humanities?

Reid and I have collaborated to define “humanities”:

As opposed to mathematics and the sciences, the humanities focus on humans and human cultural interaction dealing with topics such as art, language, philosophy, or history rather than numbers or equations.

Apr 25
4:27 PM

What does the “Humanities” in DH mean?

Humanities, because it’s an umbrella term to reference aspects of civilization: art, theatre, painting, architecture, philosophy, literature, religion, language, etc. It’s plural because even within these broad terms, such as anthropology, there are sub-categories.

This message approved of by Victoria and Emily.

Apr 25
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Apr 25
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Erin Glass, Thursday April 27

As I mentioned last week, Erin Glass, Associate Director of the Center for the Humanities at UCSD, will be joining us in class to discuss her Social Paper project. Erin has written an open letter to ENGL 494 at USD Spring 2017, please read it before class on Thursday. We have experimented with a number of platforms for scholarly communication this semester (e.g., Scalar and Omeka). As you read Erin’s letter, consider ways Social Paper is, and is not, like the other platforms we have looked at. For further background on Erin’s work, you might also want to take a look at Social Paper: Retooling Student Consciousness (longer) and Why we need Social Paper (short).

Apr 24
8:57 PM

La Jolla Cove Wiki Page

Hi Guys,

This is the page I edited.

I changed a sentence under “Description”. The sentence previously read “A few sea lions are sometimes seen in the deeper-water parts of the Cove or basking on rocks” & now it reads “There are hundreds of sea lions that call the La Jolla Cove home, sometimes being seen in the deeper-water parts of the Cove or basking on rocks. [4]

I added a citation for a website “Seal Conservancy”, where it it mentions that there are at least 200 seals at La Jolla Cove.

Hope you enjoy my edits. Goodnight