May 17
10:30 PM
May 17
10:18 PM

Scalar Final

Hey y’all… Violent crime was a pretty interesting topic.

Here is a link to my page.

Adios from one of the two s

May 17
6:29 PM


I have learned way more about ceramic surfaces than i can handle in the past 2 weeks.

heres a quick synopsis

have a great summer y’all

Happy tuesday

May 17
4:47 PM

Judge Not My Sonnet, But Enjoy My Thoughts On The Bard’s Work

Here stands my last assignment
A Scalar project of generous
Proportions.  Though I never learned
How to wrap my text around a photo,
The experiment ended in happiness.
If hovering over my note
Had only provided a pop-up,
Without the necessary clicks
It would have been as good
As Jason’s GIFs!
Alas, my photos are all made
Of old people and tired writing
Instruments. Here’s the hook to my book:—including-shakespeare/index

May 16
4:05 PM

Scalar Final Project

My final paper/project related to the Somali Refugee Crisis is officially public on Scalar! After reading you will hopefully be informed about the problem, current policy and what being a Somali refugee in the United States really means. To check it out follow the link below.

Note: this is my last assignment, final, paper, whatever of college ever! 🙁

Thanks for a fun class Professor Evans and the rest of #engl294!