Apr 12
1:55 PM

Assignment 8: Authorship Attribution

Alexander Hamilton is having a very good year. He’s the star of his own hit Broadway musical, and he (along with James Madison) is going to be the star of our last assignment.


As is the case with most real-world Digital Humanities projects, collaboration and cooperation will be essential for Assignment 8. It will therefore be conducted almost entirely as an in-class activity. There is not an individual deliverable. You will instead be evaluated on your contribution to the group effort. Due in class Thursday, April 28.

Our goal will be to reproduce the results of Mosteller and Wallace (1964), who used computational statistical techniques to confirm Adair’s (1944) authorship attribution for disputed numbers of The Federalist Papers. We will be using R, RStudio Desktop, and the stylo R package to analyze the text of The Federalist Papers available here from Project Gutenberg.

Stay tuned, I’ll be adding technical details to this post soon.

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