Mar 19
8:48 PM

Assignment 5: HTML webpage

Instead of the usual handout, I’m publishing this post for you to refer to when working on Assignment 5. The deliverable for Assignment 5 is for you to create an HTML webpage introducing yourself (the way you would on, say, Facebook), and to upload it using the USD Unet File Manager to your personal HTML webpage on Your webpage should include at least one image, at least one external hyperlink, and use an external .css file to control font family, color, and size attributes. When you’ve done so, please publish a post here on the English 294 WordPress site pointing to your webpage. (Unlike previous assignments, there is no length requirement for the WordPress post, although I’d appreciate something more than just the hyperlink itself.)

In the interest of Internet privacy, your self-introduction may introduce an entirely fictional “self”, along the lines of the Manatee character from the in-class demo. But be sure to follow the conventions of the genre: write in the first person, and embellish your character (e.g., “I’m a manatee. I live in Florida. I hang out at the power plant with all the other manatees when the weather is cold. I like to eat heads of lettuce.” You get the idea.)

The assignment is due Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 11:59 PM PDT.

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