Mar 14
8:58 PM


After much searching, I found an article missing some important information. Originally, I was going to edit the Racket(programming language) page. However, while reading through that I discovered the Racket features page, which was a better location for the information that I felt was missing from Wikipedia regarding racket. The article concerns the features of the Racket programming language and can be found here. I created the section Plai and plai-typed. Plai is a language extension of Racket and is an important educational tool. The first citation in the section is just to theRacket’s documentation page for plai. I figured that although this is a legitimate source, it may not be exactly perfect for this assignment. So I added some additional information that I found in one of my online textbooks and cited that. There was already a sub heading called Language Extensions, so I just added a section for plai and plai-typed.


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