Mar 14
9:02 PM

Wikipedia edit

Monterey High editing history

My edit to this page was adding a notable alumni to the schools list of Alumni. I added Pete J. Cutino a former water polo player and swimmer at the school. I was able to discover this lack of information because I attended Monterey High and was told many stories about Pete Cutino by my own water polo coach, and while looking for pages to edit I checked my high school, Monterey High in an attempt to find any corrections or additions that could be made, leading me to find that Pete as absent from the list of notable alumni.

Pete J. Cutino is the all time winning-est college water polo coach in US history. Cutino also has an NCAA award named after him for excellence in water polo, and many other notable accomplishments; these reasons initially gave me the idea that Cutino would be a relevant addition to the list. Cutino also already has a wikipedia page noting both his accomplishments in both swimming and water polo, and his attendance at Monterey High, similarly to the other alumni listed and another reason that inspired me to add Cutino to the list. The source I cited for Cutinos attendance at Monterey High is the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame, an online record of members of the Italian American hall of fame, which cites his induction due to his accomplishments, as well as referencing his career as a water polo player and swimmer for Monterey High.

The Addition of Cutino to the page is important because he is a sufficiently recognizable and influential figure in the history of water polo and monterey high and therefore be listed under the Notable Alumni section.

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