Feb 12
5:26 PM

Assignment One: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Wordle





I chose to do my word cloud assignment on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the simple read written by Lewis Carrol in 1865 contains almost 10,000 words. It is no surprise that the story, written in third person, has the largest use of the name of the main character Alice, which appears 93 times. The other characters in the story are also some of the most used words, including Caterpillar, Queen and Mad Hatter. What was surprising to me was the prevalence of the word like; when looking through the text like is used so often in order to provide metaphoric comparisons which adds to the fantasy based story. The adjectives little and large are also greatly used throughout the story to describe things that are occurring; the little table, little door, little bill are all seen in the story as Alice is shrinking and stuck in a little room with a little gold key. Then there is the juxtaposition with the use of large, once she exits the little room everything around her is large from mushrooms to characters like the Caterpillar. These differing sizes that are described constantly may be used with the underlying theme of life as a puzzle that she doesn’t really fit in. However, the most surprising finding from this project was that there is absolutely no use of the words land, under or wonderland– which seems strange since the setting is Wonderland and its name is in the title of the book. There are many symbolic images in the story pertaining to drugs and the loss of innocence; which makes it more understanding that Alice is never enlightened on where she is after she becomes lost through the rabbit hole.


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