GRADUATING IN SPRING OF 2017? You will be running degree audits on DARS/U.Achieve. No need to worry about Degree Works!

Why Degree Works?

Degree Works offers USD students, staff, and faculty an easy-to-use, modern, and enhanced solution to run degree audits and academic plans.

You will be using DARS/U.Achieve until Summer 2017.

After that, you will notice all of your degree information showing up in Degree Works, and you will get to use the new tools for planning, what-if academic scenarios, and GPA calculator that comes with the new system.

Faculty & Staff Training

Learn how to use Degree Works for advising students and running audits for approvals.

Student Training

Register for an upcoming training on how to use Degree Works.

Degree Audits & Tracking

Help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion.

Clear visual indicators show whether a course requirement has been met or is in progress

Outstanding requirements are automatically displayed for courses not yet completed

Student Planning Tools

Map out students’ academic journey to keep them on track for on-time graduation.

Model degree plans can be assigned to individual students or a group

Simple to complex requirements can be built, including grade point average, test, course, non-course, and choice requirements

Clear on- and off-track indicators help advisors know when to intervene to help a student succeed

Students can register for classes directly from their Ellucian Degree Works plan, available out of the box with Ellucian XE-enabled Banner® by Ellucian

What-if & Look-ahead Analyses

Help students understand how courses and majors affect degree timelines.

What-if audits show students their degree progress if they change their major

Look-ahead audits show students how their degrees would progress given assumptions on future course completions

Both types of audits can be performed simultaneously to gauge the effects of major and course decisions

Advising Notes & GPA Calculators

Enable real-time counseling capabilities between the advisor and the student.

Advisor note capabilities help advising staff clearly articulate their guidance to students

Notes follow students from advisor to advisor and can be updated at any time

The required GPA on remaining and required credits to achieve a desired overall GPA, is calculated with a simple click

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