Latest Past Events

Trick or Network !

Olin 227

Please join the Econ Council this upcoming Tuesday, 10/31, 12:15 pm in Oh 227 for our Trick or​ Network a Treat. Our guest speaker is our wonderful Abbey Racelis, the Interim Associate Director of the Career Development Center ​Learn the Continue reading

Econ Panel

Dear Wonderful Economists, The ECON COUNCIL has their next exciting event planned for Tuesday, 10/24, 12:15 pm in Olin 227: we are doing an Econ Panel! During this panel, we, the Econ Council Co-Presidents, will be discussing our journey as economics majors and answering any Continue reading

What types of careers do Economists go into and who is hiring them ?

Dear young Economists, Please join the Econ Council for a fun lunch with colleagues and our next professional development workshop on “What types of careers do Economists go into and who is hiring them ?” held Tuesday, Sept 26th 12:15-1:45 pm in Oh 227. We will be discussing: What are some job titles economists hold ? It is rare that a job posting is called “Economist”, so what are job titles that an Economist Major is qualified for ? Continue reading