The University of San Diego Economics Club is a student organization offering professional development workshops and seminars to complement our classroom learning and to better prepare our students for the job market and their future careers.

Upcoming events: http://sites.sandiego.edu/econclub/events

Faculty Advisor:

Professor Sara Esfahani <sesfahani@sandiego.edu>


Recent PAST events:
• Acing the Interview: The Short Scenario Questions
• Women in Economics
• Is Graduate School for Me ?
• Presenting in the Professional World
• Who’s Hiring Economists and What For ?
• Learn how to Ace the Case Interview 
• How to Market you Economics Skills in the Finance sector
• What do Economists Do in the Real World ?
• Federal Open Market Committee Simulation (partnership with the San Francisco Federal Reserve)
• Is the EU Economy All That Different ?
• The Internship/Job Search: When To Start And How To Stand Out From The Applicant Pool
• Tesla: Risk It All Again In Nevada
• Consulting Case: How Much Is Your Life Worth ?