Current and Prospective ECON and BUSINESS ECON Majors

Welcome to the Department of Economics !

Throughout our economics program, we’ll help you master the critical thinking and analytic skills you’ll need to prepare you for a variety of positions in multiple industries, such as project manager in global revenue operations at Adobe, analyst at Citigroup, consultant at FactSet or research assistant at the Board of Governors.

To build your foundation in economic analysis, you’ll start with microeconomics and macroeconomics. During your senior capstone, you’ll apply econometrics analysis by posing your own research question, gathering data and examining the impact of key variables—like learning how research and development spending in software companies effects profitability and growth.

With less required business component courses, you have greater flexibility to explore study abroad opportunities, participate in the USD Honors program or double major in finance, accounting or political science. And, you have the freedom to take electives like game theory, financial economics, behavioral economics and money and banking. Learn more about our economics major through our Twitter feed and our LinkedIn group, or the Econ Council website.

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