File_003On Thursday, October 15, 2015 THE DLT supervisors met to gain more  knowledge about 21st century learning skills. JoHanna’s team from MTLC facilitated a great first conversation about what 21st century skills might look like in the classroom.


A few of the reflections notes from the end of the workshop included:

  • “I’d like to help my practicum students take full advantage of the collaboration opportunities with their CT’s. Next step: contact the CTs and and STs to ask specific questions regarding planning together.
  • “How can I continue my growth and knowledge building in the area of 21st c. skills?”
  • “How will I support my teacher candidate in creating lessons that allow for more student voice?”
  • “I really liked suggestions for different protocols etc., o suggest to student teachers for more active participation in their classrooms (i.e. NSR,


Here are some of the links from the workshop: