Hello Blackboard! Good-bye Blog

Dear Students,

This will be the last post to this site.  As of today, the department has launched a department Blackboard Organization.  All currently enrolled students have been added.  Please spend a little time reading the welcome and reviewing the content.

We intend to continue to grow the content and functionality over time.   In the immediacy, this Blackboard Organization will replace this blog and the reduce dependency on the SOLES MySanDiego page.   We hope you fill find the site both useful and easy to use.   When compared to the previous SOLES MySanDiego page, the information is much more streamlined and curated down to the program level.

Feedback is welcome along the way, so please provide any feedback you having using the form referenced on the welcome page.

You can find the organization by logging into Blackboard and using the left navigation to select “Organizations”.

If you are a current student and you do not have access to site, please email me (bethg@sandiego.edu).

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