Calling all Mondragon Alums – Collaborator for Grant

One of our doctoral alums is looking for a graduate student who studied Mondragon and has interest in extending the work of Fr. Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta to lift the poor thru a trade school.

Contact: Virgil LORENZO at

Training in cooperative leadership and the construction of Labs 1, 2, & 3 are where we could collaborate to get government and private foundation grants.

The trade school shall break the cycle of poverty in OZ by helping moms do as Nancy did for Thomas Edison or as Sonia did for Dr. Ben Carson. Fifteen million minors in the U.S. live in homes with a solo mother. The Christian Life Program will be a platform to guide mom and teen through Elaine Reese’ method of ‘family conversations.’

The grant will pay moms to use ‘family conversations’ to guide a learning team–her teen and three friends—to explore the social teachings of the Church and topics in cooperation. She will help in shaping cohesive teams that will regroup and launch cooperatives as did the youth of Mondragon.

Lab 1 is the microgrid. We will need grants for the Tesla Megapack and solar cells.

Lab 2 is materials engineering. USD science labs can offer support to co-ops working on cheaper but denser batteries and more efficient solar cells until they have their own labs.

Lab 3 is precision machining. Co-ops shall seek license from Space X and Danobat to train youth in building the Raptor Engine and do high tech work at the Ronald Reagan Carrier Group.

The attachment illustrates cooperation with the Youth and Young Adult Coordinator.

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